Most Beautiful Toy Train Journey of India | Kalka Shimla Toy Train

                           One of the most beautiful train journey of India.

Brisking at Kalka railway station in utter curiosity, gazing at that adorable miniature train, I never thought that the next 6 hours of my journey would count for an unforgettable and incredible experience.


Kalka Shimla Toy Train is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that connects the Indian plains to the ‘Queen of Hills’ Shimla. This journey has been on my list for so long and I am glad that I recently had a lifetime experience on this beautiful toy train. So if you are planning a trip to Shimla, I am here to convince you as to why this toy train journey that takes you through steep tracks from 600m to 2200m above sea level needs to be on your itinerary!

You can check out my Youtube Video below to watch my full experience of the famous toy train ride and keep scrolling to find out more information about this journey.


So after reaching the Kalka railway station just 10 minutes before the train leaves, I didn’t hustle as the station was quite small to easily locate the platform. Finally when I boarded the Himalayan Queen toy train, my expectations and enthusiasm doubled as riding in these 100 years old small compartments with plush interiors gave me a vintage feeling and I couldn’t resist myself in taking sheer pride and surrendering myself to a day of spectacular winsome experience. And the beautiful journey began!

Reminiscing those breathtaking landscapes, steep mountains, tantalizing glimpses of incredible scenic view, hundreds of tunnels and bridges gave me an adrenaline rush. And in case you are longing for such a coveted experience over a steep highland ridge, surrounded by emerald greenery and towered over by incredibly tall and slender mountains, then you must add Kalka-Shimla Toy train ride in your bucket list.



KALKA-SHIMLA TOY TRAIN Track built in 1903 was accorded the UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2008, for its magnificent and awe-inspiring joyride on the toy train. It connects Kalka (600m above sea level) located in Panchkula district of Haryana, with the Queen of hills, Shimla (2200m above sea level)- the ultimate Indian hill station and indeed Himachal’s  leading attraction.

Taking you in the laps of Shivalik ranges, this track encompasses 103 tunnels, 864 bridges and overcoming almost impossible 917 curves using sheer engineering ingenuity will flush your anxiety with excitement. This journey takes about five and a half hours due to its slow pace which lets you capture all the mesmerizing vistas and fascinating sightseeing not only through your camera but also through your eyes.




In this 96 km long ride you’ll get to witness 18 stations, enjoy short halts at each stop, take a swig of tea, munch some snacks and relish the spectacular beauty of nature. The 18 stations are Kalka (0 km) Taksal (6 km), Gumman (11 km), Koti (17 km), Sanwara (27 km), Dharampur (33 km), Kumarhatti (39 km), Barog (43 km), Solan (47 km), Salogra (53 km), Kandaghat (59 km), Kanoh (65 km), Kathleegat (73 km), Shoghi (78 km), Taradevi (85 km), Jutogh (90 km), Summer Hill (93 km) and finally, Shimla (96 km).




Amidst the beauty of panoramic views, after about two hours I was completely overwhelmed on reaching Barog the most charming and quiet station, and near to it I witnessed the longest tunnel (No. 33) with a length of 1143.61 metres.




Types of trains



Starts from Kalka

Arrives at Shimla

1.     Shivalik Deluxe Express 52451

Ten coaches with chair cars with reversible cushioned seats and meals service. It can accommodate 120 passengers

Rs. 500

5:45 AM

10:35 AM

2.     Rail motor


This train is a first-class railbus with a glass roof and a front view, with a seating capacity of 18 passengers. It has a single halt at Barog station.

Rs. 300

5:10 AM

9:50 AM

3.     Himalayan Queen Express


A standard train which has 9 halts and first and second class seating.

Rs. 260

12:10 PM

5:30 PM

4.     Kalka Shimla Express 52453

A general train with first and second and unreserved seating.

Rs. 70

6:20 AM

11:35 AM



The ticket can be booked online by visiting the official website of IRCTC or at the railway station counter.


From whistles of the train to peaks shrouded in mist, the whole journey was a bunch of enthralling landscapes which held me spellbound, so I recommend you all to experience this phenomenal toy train journey once in your life!