Okay!! So it’s that time of the year again to look back at 2017, review your accomplishments, your previous year's resolution goals, your mistakes and so many other concerns. Well it's time to let go all the mistakes and flaws throughout this year. New Year is just round the corner and keeping up with this momentum, I have decided to focus my New Year's resolution on learning a new language. 

Few years back while my stay in the US; I found Spanish quite an interesting language, as most of my fellow-mates were Spanish speakers. Spanish is the most common language in the US after English. So with the help of my fellow-mates I learnt few words and sentences and it felt great in conversing with them. After coming back to India, you can say due to my ignorance I failed to keep up with the language and the crammed words and sentences got faded away. So after many years of this short story I have once again motivated myself and have promised to make 2019 a year to learn Spanish.

Considering learning a new language is a good thing. I have read so many pros for the same. But putting language learning as New Year’s resolution is not just envisioning the end goal. What I have planned is to focus on the process to learn a new language.

After a long research I found the best website to learn Spanish and it is one of the best language learning tools online - Duo-lingo. It offers more than 30 language courses and that too for free. I found this tool really engaging and it's fun and easy to use. 

Here are few goals which I have to accomplish to make my New Year's Resolution a success.

1. Being consistent and patient

No time is enough to learn a language and master it. Consequently I will make sure to be patient throughout while being consistent. I think there is nothing wrong in being slow at learning a new language. I'll make an everyday commitment till I become comfortable with Spanish.

2. Confidence is the key

Self confidence is very important and it acts as a catalyst to the whole process while learning a language. When you don't have confidence and interest to perform a particular activity or work it is but obvious that the work will be left halfway. As this particular language interests me and I feel very positive about starting this learning lesson, I'll try to boost my confidence every single day.

3.  Taking small steps to achieve big

Making small and realistic goals everyday is simple to have and achieving them are far simpler. It will help keep your learning pace in a good momentum. Apparently taking these small steps can make a big change. So I will take these small steps, make small goals and give myself small rewards each day after achieving the daily goals. Perhaps this will keep me motivated the whole time. It will be this little progress everyday to make my new year's resolution a success.

For learning a language you don’t have to be a master of vocabulary. Your simple motive should be to make the other person understand what you want to convey and hence the jobs done.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?? Is it learning a new language?? Do share in comments which language you want to learn and why??