2019 is almost here, that means many of you are planning for your new year's resolutions. If being productive is on your list or if you struggle to stay organized despite a busy lifestyle, make sure to check out the following habits of highly organized people and I am very hopeful that you will be able to incorporate these habits into your life easily.

Below are the few daily organizational habits to help you keep the clutter and chaos away.

1. Write things down
Personally I think writing things down makes you more accountable. Rather than avoiding a task, you begin and also complete it to finally check off the task from the list. It feels great and motivated to cross things off your to do lists. Furthermore writing things down relaxes your mind from remembering everything it may be a task, schedule, meeting or an important date. Making a list doesn't take much of your effort rather at the end of the day when you cross off all the completed tasks, you feel overwhelmed. 

2. Make your own bed
Starting your day by making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment. You get an instant feeling of success and thereby kick starting your mornings with a positive state of mind. Making bed literally takes less than a couple of minutes. So why not start your day by making your own bed.

3. Minimalism
Ask yourself a question right away- 'Do I need all the things that are in my house?' It may sound harsh but think - the gadget lying in the corner which is not used since years or the clothes that are lying inside your cupboard from past so many years without being worn or any other stuff which you bought just because it was inexpensive and now lying somewhere in the house untouched. You must get rid of these things and many others which are lying uselessly. Declutter and reorganize your space, practice minimalism and keep only what you need or that brings you joy. 

4. Embrace positive attitude
This is one of the simplest and easiest habits to stay organized. All you need to do is declutter your mind with the negative thoughts; it is as simple as that. Apparently you will be filled up with the energetic vibes to kick start your day. Embrace the positive perspective of your life and be as organized as you can be.

6. It is now or never
Often people come up with creative reasons (simply excuses) to not to do a particular task but an organized person will never procrastinate, they know what their priorities are and they work accordingly. Never put off work for tomorrow if it can be done today. Not initiating a task or leaving it midway would only prove to be a time waster and sooner or later you are going to regret.  Break your goals, build accountability and keep yourself moving because it is now or never.

7. Develop routine
Developing and maintaining a routine can make all the difference in staying organized. Highly successful people stay organized and accomplish a lot mainly because they have optimized daily schedule and a routine to follow. Make a routine for yourself, follow it and make the most of your time. Remember the secret of your organised future is hidden in your daily routine.

Good organizing is not about changing your personality, just your habits. So do what you love, do what is best for you, stick with positive habits and take small steps but in an organized way. Everything is possible and you can make a big difference in your life which you have imagined.