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Color is power which directly influences the soul. - Wassily Kandinsky.

This is my latest obsession. Yes, the classic way to boost up my mood, Coloring Books. It is no longer just for the kids. Unquestionably not. Adult coloring is really a thing.

Coloring is a therapeutic art which has become a popular way to relax and unwind. It has the ability to improve emotional, mental and physical health as proven by many researchers around the globe. Color therapy can help your brain practice mindfulness and creativity at the same time.

In today's digitized world we are connected with everyone yet completely disconnected with ourselves. Coloring is the easiest and fun way to make time for you and get engrossed in irresistibly beautiful colors.

Let us study some benefits of coloring for adults.

1. Back to simpler times of childhood
An activity which brings back so many memories of our childhood, where we weren't forced any responsibilities and did what we wanted to do just for the sake of pure joy. Coloring widens your imagination and moreover it de-stresses from your regular hectic routine and takes you back to the happy and relaxed times.

2. Erase negative thoughts
The focus required for coloring helps you to erase all the negative thoughts. It is important to counter those negative thoughts with positive and colorful images. By coloring the intricate designs of beautiful art especially Mandalas, will clear your mind from all the worries and negativity. 

3. Achieve Mindfulness
Coloring is a great way to introduce you to the concept of mindfulness-- Tiddy Rowan. Coloring is a form of distraction from the outside world. You can express yourself better through this mindful therapy which can further provide you health benefits in the long term.

4. Instigate creativity
Coloring ignites your creativity. It helps you become more creative in analytical thinking. It is this activity that activates different parts of your brain and ignites imagination. It also unveils your long lost inner artist. 

5. Meditating - the creative way
Coloring helps you with the benefits of meditation. Filling those intricate designs with beautiful colors will make you gain your inner peace and reduces stress and anxiety. If you have tried the actual meditating way and have failed a lot of ties, go ahead and try this creative style meditation.

6. Improves Sleep
Currently I have been coloring the beautiful designs of Mandalas every day before going to bed and surprisingly this art therapy have improved my sleep. It allows your body to ease towards a restful state and thus you will have a sound sleep.

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colors. If you are yet to find a relaxation technique, coloring is the best way out. There are so many printable options and coloring books of Mandalas and various other designs for coloring available online. Get started to be a part of this fun activity and share it with your friends and family to include them in this exciting art therapy.