Detoxification is all about cleansing and nourishing the body from inside out. It flushes out all the toxins from the body and then feeding the body with all the good nutrients. By detoxing a body, you are actually giving your body a break to heal, recover and cleanse. Overall detoxification stimulates your body functions to get into gear.

No matter how healthy your eating habits are, one day detox will give your body a chance to reactivate your body cells. It will cleanse the organs and will release some pressure out of them to make them work more efficiently.

Our whole body depends on how well our digestive system works. Most of the illness and diseases initiates with issues in stomach. So it is very important to detox your body at least once a week to recharge your digestive system.

If you are still reading this article and are planning to detox your body in 1 day, just continue reading the below points to start your one day detox.

1. As soon as you wake up in the morning, hydrate yourself with a glass of warm water with a juice of lemon and a spoon full of honey. This remedy has so many benefits like boosting energy, improving digestion, increasing immunity and many more. So this particular warm-up drink will help you kick start you morning.

2. For breakfast blend a smoothie of few leaves of spinach, half pineapple, 2 bananas, few mint leaves, 1 lemon and half an inch of ginger. It tastes real good and will make you feel full. Do not drink the smoothie in one go but at a leisurely pace, this will help you in slowing down your cravings.

3. Now heading towards lunch, make a delicious one bowl meal of rice and moong chilka (split green gram) famously known as Khichdi.  Just make sure not to overeat, you will be on a 24 hours of detoxification so eat wisely.

4. For the last meal of the day have a bowl of vegetable soup. You may add broccoli, carrot, beans, mushroom or any other vegetable of your choice. Vegetable soup is the best meal to end the detoxing day.

5. If you feel hungry in any part of the day, you can have an apple or a cucumber and can add Himalayan salt or cinnamon to enhance its flavour.

6. Avoid having any diary product, processed food, alcohol, caffeine and sugar while detoxing your body. They are basically acidic in nature and could increase the level of toxins and finally slowdown the process of detoxification.

7. The most important point is to keep hydrating yourself with enough water throughout the day. This will ensure that your body maintains the energy and functions efficiently.

This detox remedy can have a massive health benefits. You could feel the next day a healthier and a happier version of you. Try detoxing your body at least once a week and share your reviews.