'The best investment you can make is in yourself.' - WARREN BUFFET.

When we hear the word investment, we generally relate it to a financial perspective but it is not literally confined as a financial term, it is a lot more than that.

Investment in yourself can bring out the best return on investment you can ever have. It simply means self love i.e. you must love yourself before you expect others to love you. You need to put some extra effort consistently investing in yourself and you could gradually see the quality of life you are achieving.

All things sound good, Right? But let me share with you how can you invest in yourself and make a positive impact in your future.

The best way to invest in yourself is to invest in your health. Eating right food and in right quantity will help fuelling your body. Staying active is the best possible way to choose. When you are active, you generally have better sleep, have positive thoughts and are motivated to eat healthy. Healthy Body and Healthy Mind will not just be a phrase to you but something you have accepted and maintained in your lifestyle.

Nothing will make you happy until you want to. You can never have control on every circumstances but it is up to you to choose between happiness or the negative aspect of life. Be with your family and friends who encourage you. By investing your time with your loved ones you are actually investing in yourself.

It is the best option to make you grow. Reading regularly has tremendous benefits. It could be entertainment, getting relaxed, refreshing your imagination or increasing your knowledge. You never know how someone else's story can influence your imagination and thoughts. So go, get a book and start investing in yourself now.

Today in the world of Internet, we have everything and anything. You just need to fuel your curiosity to learn something new. There are so many random interests that we had in our childhood but by reaching adulthood they all got vanished. There is no right time to start learning, just do what interests you and make it work. By investing your time in learning new skills you are actually making yourself compatible with this constantly changing world.

There is a world of opportunities waiting up for you. So just get started and become the best version of yourself. Investing in yourself doesn't actually cost you any money but making it work you will need passion, curiosity and time.

What are the ways in which you have invested in yourself? Which is the new skill you want to learn? 
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