A phenomenal wonder of nature which keeps you spellbound --The Great Rann of Kutch, an endless white landscape where you can see white salt everywhere. The luminous beauty of this wonderful place cannot be described in words, one must visit and experience it on his/her own. The advertisement which features Amitabh Bachchan in which he says "Kutch nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha" is literally true in every sense.

Kutch in the state of Gujarat is the largest district of India. The Great Rann of Kutch is said to be one of the largest salt desert in the world. It stretches over a number of kilometers and continue all the way to Pakistan. The land turns marshy during monsoon and then back to its glorious white hue during summers and winters.


My husband and I including few of our friends experienced the heavenly landscape of Kutch while on our trip to Gujarat. As the month was February, so it was the best time to visit The Great Rann of Kutch as well as the 4 months long Rann Utsav. We started our journey from Morbi and crossed Bhuj City while on our way to Kutch. The highway to Kutch is well maintained and offers you a pleasant drive throughout.



After reaching Kutch in the early afternoon, we checked in to a beautiful Toran Resort in the tent city of Dhordo village. The resort had this amazing traditional circular house form commonly known as BHUNGAS in Kutch. It is the most beautiful and extravagant place to stay at. The location of the resort was perfect as it was adjacent to the entry gate of White Desert. We had a great stay at this unique and ethnic place.


After getting refreshed we had a traditional Gujarati cuisine which we all loved. Now it was time to finally head to the Great Rann of Kutch and watch the perfect scenic sunset. So we all headed to the main entry gate to the White Desert which was just a walking distance away from our resort. As four wheeler could not be taken beyond the gate, camel cart is the only option to cover small stretch to the White desert. On reaching to the main gate we saw 10-12 camel carts waiting for passengers. We hopped on one of the cart and passed Dhordo village on our way to the beautiful White Rann.

Wow.... was the first word we all uttered after we had our first glimpse of the snow white land. It was like a complete sea bed of salt and only white hues as far as your eyes could see. Though there is so much of crowd as you step on the white land of salt but don't get disappointed, the desert is so huge that you can find some peace and solitude.


We reached there an hour before the sunset and couldn't be happier to be at this magical place. All of us were busy capturing the breathtaking view of the endless white desert. It was now time to witness the alluring view at sunset. Glorious, Spectacular, Gorgeous...... and I am short of words here to describe the view. The sunset over White Rann is the most serene color formation you will see ever. The whole sky turned orange and we all were admiring the beauty of nature.


After witnessing the most amazing White Desert, we took a camel ride back to Dhordo village. Now before heading back to our resort, we witnessed the Rann Utsav where there were shops of beautiful Gujarati attire and accessories and many other Gujarati food stalls. After having a Gujarati Thali and listening to few locals singing the traditional Gujarati songs, we went back to our resort.

The next day we travelled back to Morbi with so many beautiful memories of Kutch. We missed a lot of things and activities because of our limited time span in Kutch. But we are surely going to visit the place soon to experience the charm of Kutch festival and traditions.

Have you been to Kutch? What are your thoughts and experiences? Do share your views.